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Service Overview
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More Take Home Pay

Claim Work-Related Expenses

Claiming expenses with Foremans (UK) Ltd is easy and it’s free. Expenses, provided they are legitimate, reduce the amount of tax and National Insurance that has to be deducted giving you more take-home pay at the end of the week.

As an employee of Foremans (UK) Ltd you are entitled to claim legitimate business expenses, tax free, provided they are wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the course of each temporary assignment.

For more information on the expenses you can claim go to What Expenses You Can Claim or download our Free Guide.

Your Statutory Entitlements

Foremans (UK) Ltd provides its employees with all the normal Employment rights/benefits such as:
  • Holiday Pay
  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Statutory Paternity Pay
  • Statutory Adoption Pay

For more information on the benefits you are entitled to as an employee of Foremans (UK) Ltd go to Employment Benefits or download our Free Guide on Statutory Entitlements.

We Work With Your Agency

Recruitment agencies would prefer to issue contracts to a limited company like Foremans (UK) Ltd, rather than to a Sole Trader, as the risk that the Agency becomes liable for the Sole Trader's tax is eliminated. Your agency may offer you a higher hourly rate of pay to have your pay processed through a limited company.

We work closely with any recruitment agency of your choice to provide a seamless service. You can change agencies (and assignments!) as often as you like without losing any of the benefits of working through Foremans (UK) Ltd and at no charge to you.