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Holiday Pay

Your Entitlement to Holiday Pay

As an employee of Foremans (UK) Ltd you are entitled to Holiday Pay whether you are full time, part time or temporary. We accrue your holiday pay on your behalf and pay it out to you at your request.

Calculating Holiday Pay

The holiday entitlement of 5.6 weeks per year is equivalent to 12.07 per cent of the hours you work.

The 12.07 per cent figure is calculated as follows:

5.6 weeks' holiday, divided by 46.4 weeks (being 52 weeks - 5.6 weeks) multiplied by 100 = 12.07 per cent.  

How to Claim

If you wish to claim Holiday Pay you just need to fill in a Holiday Request Form. Please contact one of our Advisors on 01244 625 555.

Should you require any further assistance with holiday pay please contact one of our Advisors on 01244 625 555 or for more information why not check our FAQs?


For more information on your statutory entitlements download our Free Guide.