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The Self-employment Income Support Scheme18-Jun-2020

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The Self-employment Income Support Scheme


Guidance Note


The Self-employment Income Support Scheme



Following the UK Government announcement in March 2020 regarding the coronavirus Self Employment Income Support Scheme we are now in possession of more details as to how the scheme will operate Please be aware that this note is based on the information published as at 07 May 2020.The information is based on Foremans LLP’s interpretation of the available data.


The scheme is intended to provide a grant to self-employed individuals or partnerships worth 80% of their average monthly profits per month up to a cap of £2,500 per month. The scheme is available initially for April, May and June 2020. The intention is to provide similar support to the self-employed as the Job Retention Scheme does for employees.


Who is eligible to claim?


To be eligible you must meet all the criteria below:

1.      Be self employed or a member of a partnership. Please note Company Directors will not be treated as self employed with regard to their company income;

2.      Have lost trading/partnership profits due to COVID-19;

3.      Have filed a tax return for 2018/2019 as self-employed or a member of a trading partnership as at 23 April 2020;

4.      Have traded in 2019/2020;

5.      Be currently trading at the point of application (or would be except for COVID-19);

6.      Carry on a trade which has been adversely affected by coronavirus (please see below);

7.      Intend to continue to trade in the tax year 2020/2021;

8.      Have trading profits of less than £50,000;

9.      More than half of your total income comes from self-employment. This can be in reference to at least one of the following conditions:

·         Your trading profits and total income in 2018/2019

·         Your average trading profits and total income from up to the three years between 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.


What does “Adversely Affected” mean?


Business will be considered adversely affected if, for example:

·         You are unable to work because you:

ØAre shielding

ØAre self isolating

ØAre on sick leave because of coronavirus

ØHave caring responsibilities because of coronavirus

·         You have had to scale down or temporarily stop trading because:

ØYour supply chain has been interrupted

ØYou have fewer or no customers or clients

ØYour staff are unable to come to work.


Can I continue to work?


Yes. If you receive the grant you can continue to work, start a new trade or take on other employment.

Will the grant be taxable?


Yes. The payment is a grant that is subject to income tax and self employed National Insurance.


How much can I claim?


SEISS will allow you to claim a grant of 80% of your average monthly trading profits capped at £7,500 in total for the 3 months (£2,500 per month).


When will the payment be made?


The application process will commence on 13 May 2020. Payment of the grant will be in one lump sum within 6 working days of your claim being approved.


What information will I need to claim?


You will need your:


·         Self Assessment Unique Tax Reference (UTR) Number.

·         National Insurance Number;

·         Government Gateway User ID and password;

·         Bank account and sort code you want the grant paid into.


What if I do not have a government Gateway User Id and password?


You will need to create one by going to the www.gov.uk website:




Please be aware that Foremans do not hold details of your personal Government Gateway. Any documents we file on behalf of a client are completed as agent of that client You should not reveal you Government Gateway ID or password to anyone.



How do I check my eligibility?


HMRC have an online tool to check your eligibility at:




If you are eligible to make a claim the online tool will tell you to make a claim from 8am on 13 May 2020.


How do I claim?


The online claim service will be available from 8am on 13 May 2020.


What if I cannot claim online?


The Government currently has no way for anyone to claim other than online but they are working on an alternative way to claim.




The Support Schemes announced by the UK Government are only available directly through HMRC. If you receive any communication including texts, calls or emails from anyone claiming to be HMRC saying that you are due a tax refund or saying that you can claim financial help PLEASE DO NOT click on any links or provide any personal information. We are aware that there are may scams currently circulating and do not want you to get caught.


Further useful information can be found at:




If you would like to discuss any of the issues noted above please contact us on:


01244 625 500 or 01978 364 000



Whilst all due care and attention has been taken in the preparation of these notes no liability can be accepted for any omission or item contained therein.


Foremans LLP

07 May 2020


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