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Legal Compliance

There is nothing worse than a delayed payment, unless it is no payment! Umbrella companies come in all shapes and sizes, from the very large with thousands of contractors registered as employees to the very small with a few hundred employees. There is no regulatory regime for Umbrellas, no licensing arrangement. Anyone, therefore, capable of forming a company can present themselves as an umbrella company ready for business. The discerning contractor or Agency needs to be careful when selecting an Umbrella Company to work with.

Leave Tax Law To Us

Umbrella companies exist to manage a PAYE payroll and an Expense regime. They must therefore follow closely the tax rules applicable to these activities and be aware of the many pitfalls connected with inaccurate PAYE calculations or an “easy to please” Expenses Policy.

With Foremans (UK) Ltd you can be confident your contractors are paying the correct tax without missing out on any of their entitlements.

  • We do all the tax calculations and ensure our employees pay the correct amount of tax for their circumstances.
  • We take care of all PAYE and NI contributions and ensure they are paid to HMRC correctly and on time.
  • We make sure our employees claim all the statutory payments and employment benefits to which they are entitled.

Foremans (UK) Ltd offers you a dedicated team to build the rapport necessary to help you and your contractors achieve safe, efficient and effective contracting solutions.

Easy Administration

It part of the Umbrella’s purpose that Contractors come and go as employees. Foremans (UK) Ltd’s systems are designed to carry out all of the arrangements for:

  • Identity checks
  • Due diligence
  • Tax codes
  • Benefit claims
  • Holiday pay
  • Income references
  • Easy departure if a Contractor either moves into full self employment or into permanent employment.

Leaving your consultants free to look after your clients!

A Compliant Umbrella

We pride ourselves in being one of the most compliant Umbrella companies on the market. Foremans (UK) Ltd is in the unique position of having full support from, and access to, all of Foremans LLP’s knowledge, systems and expertise. Foremans LLP is a regulated professional service firm, employing both accountants and lawyers. It always has the best interests of its client at the heart of its services. Our systems are safe and secure.

You can be confident that Foremans (UK) Ltd takes responsibility for all the administration and compliance issues surrounding the umbrella regime and payroll process.